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G.Kabirski. Sapphire ring


German Kabirski silver ring with blue sapphires stuck in a crack. Limited series design. Contemporary art jewelry.

Material: silver

Plating: white rhodium, gold

Gem: natural blue sapphire, round cut

Weight: 14,49 g

German Kabirski is a contemporary jewelry designer from Russia. He constantly experiments with jewelry creation process to make a pieces of wearable art he calls "freaks". One of his favourite features is to play on the obvious contrast between perfect and broken, beautiful and ugly. In this ring you can see perfectly round nicely cut natural blue sapphires stuck in a crack of roughly textured silver sheets. 

Product Details
Weight:14,49 gram Warranty:1 year
Plating:White rhodium, gold Gem:Sapphire
Gem color:Blue
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