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G.Kabirski. Cracked amethyst ring


German Kabirski modern design black rhodium plated ring with natural amethyst in silver crack.

Limited series, original design. 

Metal: Silver

Plating: Black rhodium

Gem: Amethyst

Weight: 9.57 g

German Kabirski is a prominent contemporary jewelry designer working in many styles. Originaly from Russia he creates his "freaks" at the home studio in Bangkok, Thailand. German Kabirski's art is driven by experiments and is in a constant search for something new and fresh. This is why the designer likes to introduce new matherials quite uncommon for jewelry, new textures, new original ways of stone settings, plating and silver casting.

The designer is unbelivably productive. He has more than 1500 serial designs and uncounted amount of exclusive, one of a kind pieces of jewelry. He says that every piece refers to something he was feeling or thinking when he was making it and it is his way to express his inner world to the public. He also likes to point out that he doesn't give names to his creations and even doesn't like to look at them after they are complete.

German Kabirski symbol is a roach. Who knows why?

Product Details
Weight:9.57 gram Warranty:1 year
Plating:Black rhodium Metal:Silver
Gem color:Purple
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