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Raluca Buzura

Raluca Buzura

Porcelain jewelry

Trained in ceramics, glass, and metal at the University of Art and Design in Romania, Raluca Buzura has focused on contemporary jewelry design since 2009. She is interested in challenging the traditional understanding of jewelry, illuminating it not just as adornment, whose value depends on the materials used, but as art in its own right. Buzura’s work is a translation in porcelain of her personal experiences, the traces of which she seeks to obliterate by blurring the boundary between real and abstract, creating a swirl of textures and shapes from which arise flashes of gold. She sees the result of these experiences as a legacy, a proof of her existence that reflects on society, making it, if not better, at least more beautiful.

Raluca Buzura is a winner of this year AUTOR Awesome Award 2019 for her new porcelain jewelry collection SHE. 
She was 2018 year winner of AUTOR Awesome Award for EXTINCT SPECIES collection. 

SHE collection
She's the origin of life itself, she's the abundance and fertility, she's the desire and the lust, she's worshiped, she?s the pain and the pleasure, she's delicate but she can be the thunder, she has hundreds of names and meanings, she's a flower, a peach, a shell, she's the triangle and the delta, the earth or a boat of heaven; she's complex and complicated, she's pure and a sinner, she's a cultural taboo, she's oppressed and covered, she's powerful but still vulnerable…she's beautiful.