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Raluca Buzura. She's the lust brooch


She's the lust brooch is an original creation of Raluca Buzura. It's a part of SHE collection devoted to all sides of feminity: a complexity of female body, its beauty but also to the status of a woman in the world: supression, violence, inequality. 

The brooch is made of casted white porcelain, covered in transparent glaze and pigments and fired at the high temperature of 1240°C. The brooch has a thin layer of colloidal gold for which is required a second firing of 800°C. Porcelain pieces connected together with a piece of artificial leather. The lock is made of brass and stainless steel.

Product details: 

Width: 80 mm
Height: 85 mm
Weight: 70 g
Materials: porcelain, pigment, colloidal gold, luster, artificial leather, brass, steel.

About SHE Collection

Through the collection "SHE" I wanted to focus on a subject that is as intimate as possible but also problematic femininity. The idea of the collection, initially started as an inquiry about my own knowledge about the complexity of the female body, developed quickly into a mote ample investigation of the status of women in the world: from women rights oppression in Iran, to sexual abuse in Africa... and more. I did not at all wanted to develop the collection around these brutal issues, but rather to evoke the beautiful side of what feminity means to me.

Today is about her and her inner world…She´s the origin of life itself, she´s the abundance and fertility, she´s the desire and the lust, she´s worshiped, she´s the pain and the pleasure, she´s delicate but she can be the thunder, she has hundreds of names and meanings, she´s a flower, a peach, a shell, she´s the triangle and the delta, the earth or a boat of heaven; she´s complex and complicated, she´s pure and a sinner, she´s a cultural taboo, she´s oppressed and covered, she´s powerful but still vulnerable…she´s beautiful. Not just today, but every day is about her.

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