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Raluca Buzura. Barnacles brooch


Barnacles brooch is a creation of contemporary jewelry designer working with porcelain Raluca Buzura. This amazing piece is a part of her collection EXTINCT SPECIES inspired by artist's life next to Mediterranian sea and reflecting on how we use it in so many ways and how little we give in return.

It is made of casted porcelain, covered in transparent glaze and pigmen and fired at the high temperature of 1240°C. The brooch has a thin layer of colloidal gold for which is required a second firing of 800°C. Porcelain pieces assembled on artificial leather with brass and stainless steel lock.

Product details: 

Width: 65 mm
Height: 130 mm
Weight: 70 g
Leather cord lenght: up to 110 mm
Materials: porcelain, pigment, colloidal gold, luster, artificial leather, leather cord, brass, steel.

About EXTINCT SPECIES Collection

Living next to the sea, made me reflect on the countless ways we use and enjoy it. But what do we give in exchange? We’re bombarding it with pollution or practice extensive over fishing. We’ve opened a circle of negative reciprocity that in order to close it, we need to change the pole by giving what we want to receive.

Because of global warming, we could be facing a sweeping loss of species in the near future. The collection does not wish to be a prediction or a snapshot of future’s memories, but more of a meditation upon the beauty of marine life that could extinct, trying to bring awareness and to find new ways to engage people in thinking and taking action on critical issues of climate change and extinction due to human intervention. We shouldn’t build monuments for mourning the past, for what we cannot change, but for now, while we can still change the present course of marine life.

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