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About us

Modern handmade. Multi designer space. Wearable art from around the globe.

Designed21 at Terminal 21 Shopping mall (Pattaya, Thailand) is a curated art jewelry space connecting world famous and emerging contemporary designers and modern jewelry fans. We carefully choose our pieces from a wide variety of offers and focus on originality, composition and impression rather than on metals and stones value. German Kabirski, Mimikra jewellery and Maud Traon collections are available both online and offline - at Terminal 21 Pattyaya Floor 2 - Tokyo.  A few local Thai contemporary designers are soon to follow.

Our authors' inspiration stems from the very idea of creating without regard for traditional forms and styles. Creative jewelry art throws away the crutches of conventional production methods and appears from air, clay and sea foam. 

Our designers experiment with materials and forms a lot. They use exotic wood, they play with silver textures. They combine gems with almost everything, from silver, gold and wood to leather, reptile skeletons, sparkles, epoxy, clay and paper. The end result is quite far from traditional jewelry. We showcase these small installations with their unique and sometimes wild energy. True art doesn't try to make you form ideas, it merely reflects your own thoughts and images. That’s why our works feel so personal. But to feel that, you need to be yourself. Not living according to someone else’s empty concepts, not getting used to common standards, not becoming another brick in the fashion industry wall. Art jewelry is like a distorted mirror, the one true egoists cannot take their eyes off.